How Trustly Became The Number One Option For Casinos?

Online casinos are all about convenience and while that may refer to various aspects of the online casino playing experience, the first thing that comes to mind of most of us is seamless deposits and withdrawals. We want to make our payments in the simplest and safest way, and that’s why Pay N Play rules the market. Even though there are few alternatives, Trustly is by far the most popular choice of players on Pay N Play casinos. In the following paragraphs, we will try to give you a brief explanation of why Trustly has become the number one option for casinos.

What is Trustly?

Trustly is a Swedish company founded in 2008. The general idea was to make payments simple and highly convenient. As a result, we have a service that mediates between the bank and online casino websites. The main difference compared to all those e-wallets on the network is that almost no actions are required. That makes it superfast and super easy to use.


How Trustly Has Become the Number One?

The reason is quite simple – it’s about human nature. People always want to make their life more convenient, and that’s particularly indicative in the online world. Once online payments became a common thing, developers and engineers started to think about how to make this process even better. The key was in simplicity, to skip tiresome processes such as registration, sharing personal data etc. The solution was to make a service that acts as a mediator, which connects websites with online bank accounts without the need for sharing any data between the two sides.

This made Trustly not only convenient, but safe as well. Today, Trustly is considered one of the safest payment methods on the internet, because it doesn’t remember any personal data. It doesn’t send any data to the website and once you’re done with the transaction, it forgets everything.

Casino operators realized the full potential of this service and the story started in 2016. Five years later, Trustly is the most desired payment method among online players.

How Does It Work?

The way Trustly works is quite simple. As we’ve just mentioned, it acts as a mediator between the website and your bank account, and it plays this role in the simplest possible way. In other words, it performs your bank transactions for you. Moreover, it can also act as a mediator between online casinos and other payment services on the network, such as PayPal or TransferWise.

All in all, if you want to make a deposit, you have just one step to make. Of course, you should check if a certain casino supports Trustly. If that’s the case, all you need to do is to select Trustly as a payment method. Once you hit the button, the casino website will show you a list of all banks that are supported. If your bank is on the list, all you need to do is to click on it and then enter the username and password of your online bank account. After that, you will be automatically directed to your bank account, and then you can take any transaction action you want without hesitation.

This means there are no additional steps. You don’t have to bother with things like entering card numbers etc. Another great thing about Trustly is that it won’t remember your username and platform, so you may consider yourself safe from potential cyber-attacks. Every time you want to make a deposit, you will have to enter your username and platform again.

Is it Safe?

With online payments, safety is the top priority, and Trustly stands pretty well in this aspect. As we’ve just mentioned, it works just as a mediator, which forgets every data once you’re done with transactions. In other words, you won’t have to leave any personal details on the casino website. This means that, even if someone breaks into the casino’s website, it will find nothing.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Trustly is regulated by the Swedish FSA, the Government’s organ that controls all banks in this country.

In Which Countries is Trustly Available?

This payment method was originally developed for the domestic market (Sweden) but soon after other markets realized its potential too. So, it works in several countries these days, mostly in Europe. The main markets are Sweden, Finland, Germany and Estonia, while Trustly also works great for casinos in Canada.

Which Casinos Offer Trustly as a Payment Method?

In 2016, Trustly officially opened the door to pay n play casinos. Initially, it was offered as an alternative for players who didn’t want to use cryptocurrencies. However, it quickly becomes the number one option among a much wider range of players, who used to prefer other payment methods.

Meanwhile, Trustly has spread across the globe. These days, it’s hard to imagine a major online casino that doesn’t support Trustly as a payment method. Some of the major names that come to my mind are 888, Playzee, Casino Gods, Fortune Legends, Zet Casino, GoPro Casino, Spela Casino, Leo Vegas and many others.


After reading all this, I’m pretty sure that you are perfectly aware of the reasons why Trustly has become the number one option for casinos. Simply, it gives a little of everything, and it does in pretty big portions.

As we already mentioned, the key reason for its fast rise in popularity is speed and convenience. Pay N Play casinos are hugely popular because just a few steps are required and so far, we haven’t found anything more convenient than Trustly.

Speed, easiness of use, and convenience – those are the main reasons why Trustly is the number one choice for online casinos. The fourth would be safety. We’ve already mentioned that this service doesn’t remember any data and that it’s controlled by the Swedish government body. It’s as safe as any bank that operates online.

Trustly continues to grow and if we consider its amazing quality, we have doubt that soon enough, it will work in many other markets as well. That’s great news for players from around the world.
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